Why I’m Starting A Blog

Eleanor is a recent graduate who, like many other graduates, doesn’t know what the hell she is doing, but would quite like to regain the sense of stability she had with regular university hours.

Does anyone else just wish they could write this at the top of their cover letters and cut the crap from the beginning?

I graduated in July last year, and while landing a few short term or zero hour jobs, I am, in the eyes of HMRC, technically unemployed.

I’m facing what so many people my age are going through/ have gone through/ will go through, so why is nobody talking about it?

I’m always thriving to be less of a stereotype of the narcissistic millennial, and if me moaning about my futile attempts to be healthier, get a job and make more of a positive impact on other people’s lives makes me more aware of other peoples struggles…that can’t be a bad thing, can it?

As a complete film and arts nerd, there will probably be a lot of talk about that sort of thing, but my main goal is to make whatever I’m talking about informed, and accessible to you, whoever you may be.

(Insert bad Carrie Bradshaw style wordplay to close this off here)

A quick disclaimer: I realize that as a cis white woman who has a supportive family, I am in an extremely fortunate situation, and there are so many people who are in genuinely awful circumstances (the fact that Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are in power in addition to the general ‘endtimes’ vibes of the 2020s so far hasn’t gone over my head)…but that’s also part of the appeal of writing on here-

By ellestolemyname

I was born some time ago at the tender age of zero, now I'm here.

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