About Me

When I was younger, the idea of being a writer seemed ridiculously appealing to me; perhaps it was reading too many magazines, or watching Ugly Betty every week and dreaming of ‘moving to the big city’ (despite growing up in London, because I’m an idiot), but I grew up during a time where websites like Tumblr and RookieMag were giving young girls a platform to discuss what they liked, and it seemed incredible to me.

I read Caitlin Moran’s articles and dreamed of what thinkpieces from Sylvia Plath or Maya Angelou would look like if they grew up today.

I was also fascinated by art, studying at Camberwell College of Arts then, doing a BFI Short film course and moving on to do my bachelors in Design for Film and TV in Nottingham, taking part in short films and music videos, and loving it… then I graduated.

Working in various roles, I found that I was never quite satisfied or in a position where I felt able to fully express myself. I then came across an extremely cringey old blog that I used to write when I was a teenager, reviewing music and stories and trying to write posts about artists I thought would become the Next Big Thing so I had ‘discovered’ them.

As funny as it is to look back at that blog (which is very much still out there and fairly easy to track down, if you’re interested), I remembered one thing in particular – that I had a whale of a time writing it! So I’ve started a new blog, separate from the 14 year old me, and I’m giving it a go all over again.

Perhaps nobody will read this, and perhaps..yeah, I’m not expecting it to lead to anything. But, above all, I’m going to have fun writing it.

Elle x