A Rear Window

Every day I look at the world from my window.

“Why’d ye spill yer beans?” – a review of ‘The Lighthouse’

‘The Lighthouse’ is a manic maelstrom of emotions; as the credits began to roll, I could hear the theatre both catching their breath and laughing in exasperation, everyone taking a moment to assess the distinctly disturbing melodrama we had all just encountered. Robert Eggers has created a chaotic, isolated world – two hours spent immersed […]

Marriage: A War Story

To look at its synopsis, this film shouldn’t be particularly different from any other relationship drama, but it’s a testament to Noah Baumbach’swriting that he manages to explore divorce, artistry, and the very nature of love in all its complexities, while creating his most mature, emotionally sophisticated film to date. Approaching the subtle traumas of […]

I Know What you Did Last ‘Midsommar’ – review

So, there are slow burning films…and then there are Ari Aster films. At two and a half hours, this film traps you in a state of perpetual anticipation; dreading the worst, but without dramatic musical cues to spoon feed your reactions. By the time the credits roll, you find yourself shell-shocked and only just beginning […]

Why I’m Starting A Blog

“Eleanor is a recent graduate who, like many other graduates, doesn’t know what the hell she is doing, but would quite like to regain the sense of stability she had with regular university hours.“ Does anyone else just wish they could write this at the top of their cover letters and cut the crap from […]

Eleanor is a London-based film design graduate and BFI Film Academy alumni with a lot of opinions about film, media and the world around me.

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